August 4, 2022

Online Course Selling Business


In online course selling business, you have to earn money minimum $1000 to $10000 per month lots of peoples earn money on online jobs and business with fulltime job initially they are started part-time job from your side dedication and hard work it’s very important surely you will succeed in this online field.

Online course selling Business

In an online course selling, courses like computer programming tutorial, spoken English, french spoke Hindi, web design, digital marketing, how to make youtube channel tutorial, etc., there are many ways to sell your courses using youtube, website, WhatsApp.

Your course material in that format of pdf or video format from my suggestion your format will be video format because peoples are more comfortable and easy to learn these courses to watching videos.

 Your courses will make quality one content and presentation-wise because it helps more peoples to the subscription of your course and also peoples may suggest to other peoples don’t create content just like that you will put full effort and making courses.

  How to fix price for courses

How to fix price for your courses, for example, you are selling spoken English course with a complete tutorial in video format the price is $20 so your course will be every month at least 50 peoples can buy it your monthly income will be $1000.

What are the platforms to sell your courses?

In online courses selling platforms like youtube, website, and WhatsApp.First will discuss youtube platform on how to sell your courses first step to make a video then upload in youtube after uploading three options displaying one is private, public and unlisted you select unlisted option benefits of unlisted send to your video link who are buying your course that particular people only can watch this videos. 

In the online business, the second one is website nowadays easy to create a website without programming knowledge using platforms like Wix, WordPress, etc., after created your successful e-learning website then upload videos in that after who are buying courses can use it.

In the online course business, the third one is WhatsApp you can create a group in that group added peoples who are buying your course then uploaded videos.

How to get money from online?

How to get money from peoples in many ways but the best payment gateways is Instamojo then other options give your bank details to particular people to send money directly. 

How to promote your courses?

How to promote your course platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, youtube, twitter, tik tok, and google AdWords.

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