August 2, 2022

How to Earn money on a website or blog with Adsense

earn money online

Nowadays everyone searching for online jobs to earn extra money from home. In website and youtube videos most of them posting fake videos my suggestion to all you should earn money more you have to design website using WordPress it’s possible to create without programming knowledge.

By creating a website follow some policies then apply to Adsense if your website is perfect you got approved with 24 hours. I have created two websites namely and both of the approved within 24 hours. I have created both websites using watching youtube and google search engine.

 How to create Website simple tips

I suggest everyone just watches the youtube videos and googles search engine surely you also create a website or blog within 2 months time duration. from your side, hard work and dedication are very important surely you will succeed. Starts to earn money online

 About Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising company to give ads to your website or blog after getting approval from AdSense account after approved ads display on your website then start earning.

   My AdSense earning

I have two websites with Adsense already I was mention this my monthly earning 40k to 60k Indian rupees. In the future, I am going to work on an online platform full-time job.

   Website or blog design cost

For a website or blog, the design cost will be you have to purchase Hosting and Domain price of this 1500 to 2000 Indian rupees. if you spend this money to create a website or blog then get Adsense approved your earning starts. In AdSense, the account threshold is $100 dollars after cross this automatically credited in your Indian account.

Types of website or blog design tips

Actually, my both website categories related to government and online job vacancies. From your end, you have more options to create a website or blog like cooking tips, cinema news, technology tips, latest all news, job news, medicine tips, etc., I have mentioned only a few categories you wish to create a website or blog any categories.


1)On your website, the minimum post will be 20 and also per 300 words each post.

2)And also add in your menus add privacy policy, contact us and also refer my website

3)Don’t use copyright content and don’t copy content from other websites for typing you have to use google docs.

4)After designing your website or blog give traffic to your site with the help of Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

5)After designing your site then give one month’s time then apply for the Adsense account before you don’t apply.