October 25, 2021

6 Ways Earns Money On Online Testing Websites

online jobs testing websites


I) UberTesters is the testing website where you can be hired as an online tester with devices.

II) UberTesters is the best software development tool.

III) The payment depends on the level of rating and the number of projects as you have done.

IV) the payment base on hours of work by a high rating increase in payment.

V)  It makes it easy to report bugs from inside Android and iOs apps.

VI) you can earn $11 to $12 per hour.

VII) click on this link https://ubertesters.com/  to visit the website.


I) TryMyUI is a website for developers and designers to see how people interact with their websites and apps.

II) As a tester, you can record both your screen and voice while performing specific tasks In online jobs testing websites

III) On this website, the clients refer to the tester who makes honest web testing or an app testing for their softwares and websites.

IV) You can earn money from $300-$500- per month.

V) click on this link https://www.trymyui.com/  to visit the website.


I) UserTesting is a website where you can earn a few dollars on this website.

II) In this website, you can earn money through testing the website and apps (or) giving feedback about the website.

III) You will receive 1 or 2 tests per week. The client who has given a test to you will give a star rating to your feedback.

IV) According to the star rating, you will earn money.

V) The necessary requirements are Computer, Microphone, and an active Paypal account.

VI) You can earn money from $10 to $20.

VII)click on this link https://www.usertesting.com/ to visit the website.


I) Test birds are simply a usability-testing platform.In online jobs testing websites

II)  It offers you to earn money through examining the digital products and softwares.

III) Your role as a tester involves testing the website and portals, mobile apps, Internet of Things, Games, Wearable eg. (Smartwatches and Trackers).

IV) Testbirds will send you test invites once projects that match your profile become available.

V) The necessary requirements are PC, Laptop, Tablet or smart mobiles.

VI) You can earn money from $10 to $50.

VII)click on this link https://www.testbirds.com/ to visit the website.


I) Userlytics enables you to test the user experience of your website, Mobile apps.

II) The necessary requirements are Pc, Laptop, Smart mobiles and Microphone.

III) According to your profile and review, the client will provide you the testing projects.

IV) According to your credit points, you will earn money.

V) You can earn from $5 to $500. 

VII)click on this link https://www.userlytics.com/ to visit the website.


I) Userfeel is a usability testing tool that rewards you for recording your interactions and thoughts on a client’s website or app.

II) The sign up is free. You need to provide basic details such as name, email address and PayPal account.

III) According to the profile of a tester, the testing projects will be given by the clients. 

IV) The necessary requirements are Pc, Laptop, Smart mobiles and Microphone.

V) On this website, you need to test a website, apps. Which are on the platform of Windows, Ios, and Android.

VI) By completing the projects you can money easily.

VII) You can earn $10 – per project.

VIII) click on this link https://www.userfeel.com/ to visit the website.